Established in 2004 and located a short drive from Ho Chi Minh City; this facility has grown to become the recognized leading label printer in Vietnam.

Multi-Color Vietnam produces pressure sensitive flexographic labels and combination labels (hot & cold foil, rotary screen printing and gravure printing into a single combination label), multiple layer promotional labels, and in-mold labels for bottles.

Our combination of world class technology, innovative product development, and a committed experienced team allows Multi-Color Vietnam to satisfy the needs of customers in key markets such as Personal and Household care, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Agri-chemical markets. Through our team, our systems & our technology, Multi-Color Vietnam is effectively achieving the quality and reliability requirements of the world’s toughest multi-national and national customers.

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  • Multi-Color Pressure Sensitive Label
  • Multi-Color Pressure Sensitive Label
  • Multi-Color Pressure Sensitive Label
  • Multi-Color Pressure Sensitive Label
  • Multi-Color Pressure Sensitive Label



Through our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, we are constantly investing in new technologies, materials and processes to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry, pioneering new standards for premium labels. From raw materials to finished goods, our in-house Research & Development team has a focused effort on new product development and new market innovations that help build brands and drive sales.


ETCHEDFX innovation

Molten Foil™
We're taking foil to new heights, Molten Foil™ delivers stunning metallic effects with a tactile impact on clear, gloss and matte stocks. The exceptional relief of Molten Foil™ catches the light from every angle, maximising shelf impact and consumer appeal.

COLD FOIL IML innovation

Scratch and Sniff Labels
Labels that carry a printed scent draw consumers to interact with your packaging. For a unique multi-sensory experience, scratch and sniff labels give your customers the luxury of testing out the scent of the product before purchase. Giving your customers the opportunity to be captivated by your product’s fragrance when it matters- at shelf.

Mosaic Printing innovation

Thermochromic Ink
This is a specific type of ink manufactured to change color depending on temperature. The ink can be clear and turn colorful with an increase or drop in temperature, or it can start out one color and change into another as temperature changes. This can be used to visually display the optimal temperature for consumption of the product, or it can be a creative way to surprise and delight the consumer.

High Build innovation

Tactile packaging encourages touch at shelf. This is important because if aesthetically pleasing packaging can influence the consumer to pick up the product, they are 80% more likely to place it in their cart than return it to the store shelf.


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